We are proud to announce the release of our first ever vinyl 7" record, "No State Solution"

"They know how to play and aren’t afraid to take you places you’ve never been. A winner throughout---just be sure to strap in before lift off."
-- Midwest Record

"I’ve fallen in love with their raucous style in only 4 bars... their music isn’t just on the edge, it’s fallen off the cliff!"
-- Contemporary Fusion Reviews

"Everything seems to energize by drawing on an inexhaustible source." -- Music Zoom (Italy_

"Redefines serious jazz." -- Lemon Wire

"The beautifully constructed music here just goes straight to your feet." -- Jazz Views

"Quite a special band, with a very special album." -- Gonzo Weekly

"With each song a concise tidbit, even if the solos are stratospheric, they return to earth quickly. Fun and frantic!" -- Jazz Weekly

"Free Radicals create unique songs that plant themselves firmly on their own unique planets." -- The Vinyl Anachronist
"The [band]... consistently opposes war, and supports environmentalists, civil rights fighters, immigrants to the US. It equally consistently criticizes the establishment, the presidents - from Bush to, of course, Trump, as well as 'well-fed America,' which indifferently watches what is happening in the 'third world' countries." -- Jazz Quad (Russia)

"On the new recording, Free Radicals welcomes many guests including Harry Sheppard & Damon Choice, two elder vibraphonists who played with Benny Goodman and Sun Ra Arkestra respectively..." -- Grateful Web

"Equally comfortable performing in clubs, street protests, punk rock house-parties, art openings, weddings, funerals, and breakdance competitions, Free Radicals prides itself in adaption and supporting members of targeted communities for whom "apartheid" is not merely a metaphor." -- Jazz News